Les Amis de Lola

was created in 2005, and was the first private nursery daycare created in Val de Marne. It's a great ludic, social and intellectual environment on the idea of a farm.

We are open to children from all cities, minimum age 1 year old (walking acquired) to 4 years old.

For full-time or occasional nursery. We also take care of children who stay home, have nannies or a baby-sitter, and come with us to create links and play with other children.

Our nursery is BILINGUAL : Every morning a native English speaker (from 9 to 12) joins our team to conduct activities with children.

It has been proved that at this age, children have a real assimilation capacity for learning a foreign language and its accent.

We want to contribute to this awakening and help their future school life.

This is a fun learning environment, using songs, stories, games and activities. We also promote language based on our daily lives.

Vincennes, Paris, Saint-Mandé, Nogent sur Marne, Charenton, Montreuil, Fontenay sous bois, Saint Maurice, Joinville, Neuilly Plaisance, Saint Maur, Champigny sur Marne…